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… well … this much said about the importance of the Bauwelt Magazine in the world of architects, NO PRESSURE ON US THEN to redesign the whole range of products, the print magazine, the online version and the app.

LED – Moving Light and Shadow


The Moving light and shadow installation

Lacoste Essential Design EXTREME embodies and combines all sorts of terms and conditions. Extreme is the superlative for the unusual, the uncommon. This is what’s so interesting about this line of shoes. It combines the things that wouldn’t go together in such a convincing way that one couldn’t question it. Why? Was the question - Why not! Is the best answer one could deliver. We concluded from this range to create something impossible. The inverted, rotating disco-ball. Not an light absorbing disco-ball as one might think, but an illuminated disco-ball in our fashion was born after many tests and phone calls with specialists in this field. The 5 disco-balls are turning in various speeds and directions. It really is an EXTREME experience standing in the middle of this spectacular installation.


Cinematography by Jonas Lindstroem

NYC crowds gathering for the music

Red Bull Music Academy

After having designed ‘For the Record’ for the RedBullMusicAcademy Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt asked us to design the exhibition to present the book which took place in their headquarter in New York City. The space was brilliant to exhibit the illustrations and photography. The only problem we were running into was, that there was not enough wall space for the overwhelming amount of images we wanted to present. So, what we ended up with was that we were even designing the tables for the show to place more and more photographs in the exhibition (Thank you Ed Pollio for your incredible patience producing all those tables and helping with the hanging!!)…. it worked quite well.

Oi! Mate – This is FOR THE RECORD!

Red Bull Music Academy

When Many Ameri, the co-founder of the Red Bull Music Academy called us early 2013 if we’d like to pitch a couple of ideas back and forth with them for the Red Bull Music Academy’s 15 years anniversary publication, it was more than an honour being asked. And it was out of the question to refuse no matter how busy we were at that time. The Red Bull Music Academy is an endless inspiring source for music lovers of all sorts, and my god there are some characters out there in the business. Just look up their list of lectures. However, you see, we’re fans ourselves, following them around for a long time already. So, having said this, we were eager taking this on. We were challenging the whole idea of an anniversary book as a look back into the past of the RBMA. And it turned out a book of inspiration heading right into the future for the reader. Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt have the sources and ability to get the most interesting people in the music business to work with them and together. This led to the idea to get them together on a sofa, as they do at their lectures, and talk casually about their history, about success, misleading ideas, their view on the business, on life in general. Just have a look at the list of conversations that took place for this book and you know in an instant that this book is not only some book on music:

João Barbosa AND Kalaf Ângelo AND Mulatu Astatke

Bernard Purdie AND Jaki Liebezeit

Martyn Ware AND Nile Rodgers

Kerri Chandler AND Patrick Adams

Gareth Jones AND Metro Area

Carsten Nicolai AND Olaf Bender AND Uwe Schmidt

Benny Ill AND Moritz von Oswald

Lee “Scratch” Perry AND Adrian Sherwood

Matias Aguayo AND Sly & Robbie

DJ Harvey AND Ben UFO

Cosey Fanni Tutti AND Nik Void

Modeselektor AND Mykki Blanco

Erykah Badu AND The Underachievers

Just Blaze AND Paul Riser

Robert Henke AND Tom Oberheim

There we were with a whole list of some of the best and most influential ones in music world. We were not only challenging the question of how to look beyond what had happened already, but what the format ‘book’ meant in this context. We invented a different way each and every single conversations found its reflection in the layout aesthetics and illustration introducing every following conversation. Many techniques were used to find the expression we felt was right. We went from screen printing, to spray paint, from linoleum-print to micro-film scans, from creating objects to wood block prints. Everything there is in the arsenal was used to mirror the essence of the conversations. And the book wouldn’t be what it became without the help of the brilliant photographers we sent around the world to catch the moments.

Thank you

Till Janz

Hendrik Schneider

Peter Langer

Jane Stockdale

Geordie Wood

Jonas Lindstroem

Dan Wilton

Kira Bunse

Roberta Ridolfi

Katharina Poblotzki

Ben Grieme

Sabina McGrew


This is what the press had to say:

“Throughout the book's wealth of knowledge, each of the 15 conversations carries its own take-away message and feel.”

“For music fans, it is a cornucopia.”
The New York Times

“Inspiration Overload”
The Wall Street Journal

AND… This is what Torsten Schmidt (cofounder of the Red Bull Music Academy) wrote about his encounter with our work:

Golly gosh, Art-Directors can be an interesting bunch, that much I had to learn the hard way in over two years of publishing Dinge of all kinds (even though I am sure they dare to say the very same thing once they talk about clients and/or writers). Very rarely though do they engage you in a discussion where they not only claim to exchange arguments about the actual content but actually really do leave the ego aside. And trust me, when you click on a new draft of some of Mr. Rehberger’s work, once dropped into your inbox, the experience can be quite challenging indeed. A proven tactic is to give it a brief glance over, then close it again, and do something entirely different. dishes, receipts, office drama, you get the idea. Give your mind some time to process properly and then take a closer look again, pixel by pixel. and start to imagine what he actually saw in the source material, and how he translated thought into an absolutely compelling language. Coz here lies his main amongst many miraculous talents - he actually reads the source text (of all material, let's be focault about it for a sec to make it a little easier), listens to the dialogue it starts with his inner voices and births forms, that will animate the final reader/viewer to take at least three closer looks. and what more could you ask for in zeitgenössischer gestaltung?  Torsten Schmidt (RedBullMusicAcademy Cofounder, Yadastar Partner, writer, Fragensteller)

All this led us into different pieces of work with the Red Bull Music Academy – The Website for the Book, the design for the RBMA Radio Berlin location, an exhibition for the book-launch at the RBMA headquarter in New York City, the film titles for the film ‘What Difference Does It Make‘ by Ralf Schmerberg at Mindpirates … erm …. we re reckon there is more to come ….

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