There it goes, here it comes – Again – Buy yourself into 2015

Double Standards

Good bye 2014, hello 2015. Our brand new DIN A0 (894:1184cm) calendar is available from now on in our PRODUCTS section. As flat pack, folded down to DIN A4 or, loads of you were asking for it for years, rolled up (nicer, but higher shipping costs) sent to you in a poster tube. This year we went for black and white after all the fluorescent bright colours in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 ---- we thought it’s time to go very basic again. Oh, before we forget .... no, the frame is not coming with the calendar.

For the weekly love of architecture

Bauwelt & Bauverlag

For over 104 years, Bauwelt has been providing weekly reports on current architectural and urban developments in Europe and around the world.

The architecture journal is a forum for analysis and commentary surrounding current issues in architecture. Bauwelt obtains viewpoints, provides material for discussion and forms the opinions of competent readers from building authorities and leading architecture firms that make decisions about a large number of contracts.

At, the target group of architects, civil engineers, interior designers, urban planners, and lighting planners receive daily updates and additional online posts, films, photo galleries, dossiers, and debates related to the central topic of a current issue.

The weekly newsletter addresses 20,000 registered recipients and includes additional features, such as a preview of the upcoming issue.

… well … this much said about the importance of the Bauwelt Magazine in the world of architects, NO PRESSURE ON US THEN to redesign the whole range of products, the print magazine, the online version and the app.

Using one thing – take it for another

Ocaña Barcelona

March 23rd 2012 Ocaña, a café, bar, restaurant opened its doors with an unbelievable party. We were so proud taking part in this project with the many little things we have created for them. Ocaña was living in this exact house on Plaça Reial in Barcelona.

José Pérez Ocaña (1947-1983)

“They ask me if I am a transvestite. I am not a transvestite, I am a clown and Las Ramblas is my stage…”

“I’m an outcast, like the prostitutes, pimps, queers, or the thieves who steal motorbikes. Even though I am a painter, I understand their world. I can identify with all these people. I love them, I find them fascinating…”

Ocaña, always a freedom defender, was a leading character of a lot of alternative movements of the Spanish transition in Barcelona during the 70′s. The artist started as a house painter and ended up painting with fine brushes on canvas. He was born in 1947 in Cantillana, a village in Sevilla.

But Barcelona was clearly the best stage of his own life. He lived at Plaza Real next to Ocaña. His balcony was well known for its Altar dedicated to the virgin of “La Asunción” and for being always full of flowers.

The whole system behind it is to use material that already exists and reuse them in different ways. So we created 500 posters for the opening, designing them on the go on the screen printing table using international newspapers we bought every day for about half a year. None of the posters had the exact same design and each of them was numbered. And so we did with the invites. Each of the 2000 invites was carrying 12 stamps freely placed on the card..... we kept ourselves busy for a couple of days with this. We created a whole world for Ocaña .... business cards, letterheads, menus for the café, bar and restaurant. This project was the best nightmare one can ever imagine. Thank you Ocaña.

Visit the Ocaña website here

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