‘Chew the Fat‘ all night long

Guggenheim Museum NYC & Rirkrit Tiravanija & Talk / Talk Documentaries

One thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to…

After having designed and optimized the TiravannijaOne stencil font, having designed the poster for the show to promote Rirkrit’s documentary on his artist-friends, he went on asking: You don’t do film titles, do you? You know, the poster already looks like animated …. why don’t you translate this into moving image, moving type. Well, we do, well, we did, of course. And even if we wouldn’t have done any typography film titles yet – we would have said: Of course we do! But since we have done some film projects before there was no need to lie. Here we go, the whole package. First the font, then the poster now, surprise – surprise, we were creating the film titles, roll titles and the packaging for the DVDs. It was just great working with Rirkrit on this.

Music by Arto Lindsay