On Life - Survive – Season Opening – "30 Cinema Commercial

Schauspiel Frankfurt

When creative directing a photoshoot, we only once in a while get active, to make the crucial decisions which image to take, what to reshoot and so forth. What’s interesting about the shootings is to see how different the photographers work, how they interact with the models, what they are seeing in pictures and how they group pictures to keep an overview of what to do next and what has been done. As many photographers there are, as many different procedures there are. Till&Hendrik did one thing we didn’t expect to happen (as if we’d expect anything close to normality with these two). Whenever there was one single shot they liked best was shot, they added it to a looooooong strip of images of their favourite pictures. And seeing this scrolling left to right and back was a great animation in itself. That gave us the idea for this little cinema commercial… all came together in one big thing. We liked the democratic idea behind it if we’d animate the actors as if there was no start and no end, everything would look equal and like a very long line of people heading into the future going round in circles. Über Leben.

The photoshoot with Till Janz and Hendrik Schneider. What a pleasure that was.

Photography by Till Janz and Hendrik Schneider – Music by Pile on Perlon