Show me your compartment - I will show you mine

Muenchner Kammerspiele

There are so many levels we are working on for the Muenchner Kammerspiele it is really difficult to decide where to start, it’s a new logo, a new general design direction, campaign, season magazin with images taken by Wolfgang Tillmans, there’ll be a new guidance system, a redesigned entrance to the theatre, and so forth … but, first things first… From the coming theatre season (2015/2016) on Matthias Lilienthal, the fearless and most brutally honest theatre director we’ve ever met, is taking over the Muenchner Kammerspiele and will change the perception of the genre in Munich. Well, that’s what the audience is expecting getting him to move to Munich. And we’re proud to take part in this endeavor. An overhaul of the design was necessary which we carefully took on. First we thought of compartments in general. Is it a hiding place, is it a well sorted archive, is it a chaotic place one just throws in the things not needed anymore. This is what led us to the many design combinations this idea has to offer for the next couple of years. We are very excited what’s awaiting us and the audience next season and the season after that and the season after that ... For now we had the pleasure to work with Wolfgang Tillmans and his interpretation of KAMMER (compartment). His intriguing images of the non-intriguing, the incidental – they are just what we were looking for – are going into the season 2015/2016 magazine and are playing a major role for the campaign coming up in August. Plus we had the whole ensemble xeroxed as a counterpart to the high gloss Wolfgang Tillmans images. It is the actresses and actors doing their selfie the way we did it, and got almost fired for it, back in the days when working at ad agencies. Hello MUNICH – we can’t wait to meet you all. Muenchner Kammerspiele Season 2015/2016

The cover of the season 2015/2016 magazine
The incredible images by Wolfgang Tillmans
The incredible images by Wolfgang Tillmans
When we did this years back, still working at ad agencies, we almost got fired for taking a selfie on a xerox machine.
The ensemble had great fun interpreting themselves in black and white.
All hand made and put together by scalpel and glue sticks. It was absolutely worth the trouble we think.