PERLON2016 Limited Edition T-Shirt Series

Perlon Records & Double Standards

Here it comes .... our special Perlon 2016 Limited Edition T-Shirt Series. The 6-Pack will be available exclusively from us - means half a shirt for free when you’re buying all six shirts in one size all at once .... Buy them on the 4th of March here from our DOUBLE STANDARDS online shop, or at our studio (Wrangelstrasse 66A, 10997 Berlin, Germany) from 1800hrs onwards. Prices will be revealed shortly. PHOTOGRAPHY BY HENDRIK SCHNEIDER -> THANK YOU FOR ACTING INCREDIBLY -> UMA RITTER, ALESSANDRO BELLIERO and DENIS OLGAC

P-T-Shirt. No. One of Six
E-T-Shirt. No. Two of Six
R-T-Shirt. No. Three of Six
L-T-Shirt. No. Four of Six
O-T-Shirt. No. Five of Six
N-T-Shirt. No. Six of Six
The Six-Pack