In 2002 we took part in the fabulous exhibition ZURÜCK ZUM BETON - PUNK AND NEW WAVE in GERMANY between 1977 and 1982 by designing all the printed matters, including the catalogue. It was Ulrike Grooss’ first exhibition as director at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (she moved on since then to become director at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) and a huge success since Düsseldorf was playing a big role in the Punk movement back then. So, here we were, in the last stages of getting the final layouts copied from the external hard drive onto the CDR for the printer when the hard drive started to spit fire and was burning up right in front of our eyes because one of our colleagues was using the wrong power transformer. The plug was fitting .... but .... However, the courier was sitting there waiting for the CDR to be packed and shipped. Desperate as we were, thinking the CDR was ruined and we had no book, we tried the CD whether there was anything on it .... there it was ... everything needed to go to print was on the CD. The book was a huge success and sold out in very little time. But no reprint was planned by the publisher. The years went by and our own archive (we had 10 copies of the book on our shelves) seemed to shrink. We ended up with only one copy left (no one seems to send back the books we send out as samples of our work). Now the demand for the catalogue was growing over the years and we had no files left (the printer never sent back the CD with the final layouts even though we asked him to) we thought we’d do a real bootleg of our own book. Here it is .... the bootlegged version of the PUNK AND NEW WAVE in GERMANY. Enjoy .... it is absolutely worth it.