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Perlon Records

VILOD - SAFE IN HARBOUR - Boy - This is whole new music experience for the Perlonese community. Ricardo and Max turned and twisted this double vinyl into a very different kind of record. In our opinion this is one of the biggest and boldest moves of the year. Dejay.de were saying: It is a smart and airy groove of atoms in space that rules this mesmerizing album, leading off with an irresistibly deconstructed downbeat monstrosity deceptively tagged as the 'Modern Hit Midget' as opposed to actually being a giant. One giant of seven, to be precise: safe in harbour are the seven giants of free Funk who proceed through a variety of way-out psychedelicacies. Which increase in flavour under headphones. The wane of Villalobos' and Loderbauer's free-floating energy of their Re:ECM work is more than offset here by the increase in rhythmic push through sensual syncopation and eruptive bass energy. The duo is the impetus in Perlon's great new swinging machine. Well - Darling ----- It’s a jazz record.