Getting perlonized for the 100th time

Perlon Records

With the 100th release, the glamourous Margaret Dygas treated us with this warm and hypnotic record, we felt the need to come up with a new special uni-sleeve carrying the chopped up Perlon logo not only on the outside of the sleeve, but on the inside as well, turning the colours inside-out. put it this way .... Margaret Dygas prepares Perlon 100 The Berlin-based producer feels she is up for the challenge of being the label's historic 100th release. As Perlon, the iconic German electronic label, readies for it's centennial record, it looks towards one of it's regular contributors, Minimal House producer Margaret Dygas. ... and were saying

The Berlin-based producer's forthcoming EP carries the historic catalogue number.

Margaret Dygas has a 12-inch on the way for Perlon called In Wood, That, which marks the label's 100th release.

In reality Perlon, founded by Zip and Markus Nikolai in 1997, has put out more than 100 records already—there have been a couple of ".5" catalogue numbers and other oddities along the way—but In Wood, That carries the historic PERL 100 tag. Some labels see this as an opportunity to celebrate: Perlon, typically, haven't kicked up a fuss about the release. It's a two-tracker from Dygas, a label regular, in typically hypnotic, drawn-out style. You can listen to preview clips over at

*Well .... no need to celebrate this especially, we keep celebrating Perlon on a daily basis.