Table Tennis

Double Standards & Living Standards

When we were planning the RedBullMusicAcademy ‘For The Record’ book launch show in New York we realised there wasn’t enough wall space to hang all the images we wanted to exhibit. We were left with one choice only - renting the inevitable Eiermann tables to place the framed works. After imagining the scenario for only a split second, we decided to design our very own exhibition table with the exact hight we thought was right. A bit higher than the common kitchen table. What we were trying to achieve was that the table looked a bit flimsy and unstable, quite poorly constructed. Well, it wasn’t carrying much weight. We announced that we were involved with in this great show at the Red Bull Music Academy’s headquarter by posting this tipsy table and got quite a response for it. Since then we were playing around with different substructures to reinforce the stability with great success. There are as many as 10 different models of the table we’re about to release. Our friend Mirko Borsche is the very first proud owner of the Double Standards table. Using it as his own work table. You can buy the table right here very soon.