Max Hooper Schneider’s Art Journey – Planetary Vitrine

"I am thrilled to share news of the publication of Planetary Vitrine, a book teeming with images and texts documenting Max Hooper Schneider’s BMW Art Journey (published by Hatje Cantz) which is hitting bookstores and e-commerce channels as we speak. What a ride it has been. Editing this book has been a thrilling exercise from soup to nuts. First and foremost because of the opportunity that the journey—made possible by the uncompromising and generous BMW team—and the topic provided: a deep dive into our vexed planetary condition and an engagement with faraway coastal geographies and coral reefs that speak to both the gloom and the hope that our planet represents. No better guide to this topology could be found than Max Hooper Schneider, a man of many conspicuous talents, not least a willingness to jump in where others would run far-far away. Marine biology and a love of death metal and radical anthropology blend in his mind and his art seamlessly, forming familiar yet unusual amalgamations, just like his aquariums, his signature artistic medium. Watch this man and everything he does next. The creative collaboration came full circle with the unbelievably creative designers of Double Standards in Berlin, who will stop at nothing, and through the contributions of a group of writers who were clearly excited about the opportunity Max’s journey afforded to think out loud about art, ecology, philosophy and everything in between. Thank you to BMW and Art Basel for supporting this initiative, which has since Max seen two more artists embark on journeys of creative discovery. This book is a work of art in itself, and it has been a privilege to take part in its conception, evolution, and physical realization."

– András Szántó