A breath of fresh air when you arrive from the city, a view on the open sea. an act of deliverance, a way out of daily routines. Providing time and revealing multiple perspectives.

PCH Innovations Los Angeles/Berlin

Innovations are a tricky business. It either leads you into directions you didn’t even dream of ending up with, something different new and exciting, or get to the point you imagined the way it worked out and there is proof, or you end up with proofing your endeavour isn’t working at all and you’d have to make something out of ‘that’. You’ll get sometimes even the impression this is the point of no return, but you could at any time stop and walk away free of any doubt. Innovating innovations. This is what PCH Innovations is provoking. Over and over. Going through the process of analyzing what’s missing in either their client’s portfolio or their business structure, or their company culture or or or, name it. PCH will find out what needs to be done. The maze is the clear symbol for this search, finding ways in and out of problems at hand. We created a whole world for them that’ll unfold soon.... the drawings are in the drawer waiting. Soon more of this.