All you need is stamps


Real political theatre as such is really hard to find and equally under financed most of the time. When AndCompany&Co. approached us with the need for a corporate design it went all really quick. We designed the so called logo and had rubber stamps produced in three different sizes. That was quite a bold statement we thought, and never believed it would go through. They taught us a lesson we’ll never forget. We presented the corporate design with the sheets you’ll see here, made with the stamps and a ruler only …. they took the stamps together with the examples and only came back with a couple of questions afterwards … wow, this went quick. They once more came back asking for a t-shirt design, we were happy to provide them with. But apart from that …. they are still very satisfied with the idea of the design and the outcome - so are we.

And here comes their manifesto ….. buckle up … &Co. is an open context, no concept of art or capital, no part of the musical-industrial complex, no commercial adventure, but a communicative way of working, an island of social cooperation in productive networks.

&Co.-productions is an ANTIDOT.COM, a free association of autonomous producers drifting through the system in conflict with the ruling production- & communication-regime, searching for collaborative ways of working & collective structures for the new class of immaterial & intellectual workers, the copy-code FOR ALL! Because if there is a re-configuration of class-struggle, then the dividing line is not between productive and parasitic, but within the Great Production itself: labour has become diffuse, the factory is a gas, the air we breathe. DOT DOT DOT COMMUNISM ... a “communism of capital”: Communication & production merge in the command: “Be subjects!”

But the virtual community also is the matrix for a new association of free producers - from corporate culture to the culture of COOP - a collaborative work-in-progress. The &Co.-Laboratory produces productions, “production of productions”. We are like an ocean, a never ending longing and grasping, a flood, a stream. But “this stream broken loose by catastrophe is ours!” (Brecht) BE A MILLION uncontrollable Connexxxions. And no end in sight. And now: music!