Collecting a collection

Julia Stoschek

For the short, entertaining 10 years we’re working for Julia Stoschek, her collection has grown into a worldwide respected institution. It was up until the Julia Stoschek Collection opened its doors it was difficult to imagine how to exhibit media art in a proper way. Well, go on a trip and visit her ‘museum’ in Duesseldorf or the JSC Berlin and you learn in an instant how it’s done right. We’re happy to be part of this endeavor almost from the beginning. Having designed everything from the letterhead, business cards to the selo-tape, posters, invites to wall labels and the comprehensive catalogues. For us it is with every single exhibition a challenge to foresee the atmosphere of what the visitors have to expect to take home with them and put this down on paper in a very special way. The core idea of the exhibitions become form. Up until now Julia Stoschek has been been very happy with the results, which puts a big smile to our faces.