Gió has moved – a new space – a reworked corporate design

Gió Marconi

In 2004 Giò Marconi asked us to rework the corporate design of his gallery. Back then we already knew he would be our friend and not just a client. We met during an opening at Portikus in Frankfurt for the first time in 2003 and had since always kept in touch. We shared our favourite restaurants and discussed what music we were listening to rather than work related talks for almost a year.

Giò had the gallery space at Via Tadino 15 redesigned by our dear friends over at KuehnMalvezzi and it was down to us to refine the finishing touches with the logo, printed matters, press kit, floor plans and signage.

In February 2015 Giò moved gallery just down the road to Via Tadino 20 and again working with KuehnMalvezzi remodelled the new space. It was our turn to wrap up the old designs, take a look back at what we had re-tweak.

It is always a pleasure to work with the Marconi’s ... we can tell you that much.