It all should be based on existing office supplies – on everything there is

Bureau Mueller

Markus Mueller is a very close friend of ours for quite some time – we met the first time for the ‘Skulptur. Projekte in Muenster 97’. It must have been 1995 we first shook hands. Since then many project followed this one initial encounter. In 2007 Markus decided not to work from home or exclusively at the institutions he was planning the next big thing for anymore. So he set up his little office (including a tiny gallery space) just across the street from our studio at (back then) Strausberger Platz on Karl-Marx-Allee. And he was asking for help with his letterhead and business cards and and and. We were certainly happy being of any help. But, since Markus didn’t know for how long the landlord is renting this space out to him for very little money, or if he could afford the space in the long run, we thought it wouldn’t be wise to print the whole stationary just to chuck it in the bin a couple of months later. It was quickly decided to go entirely with readymade items from the next office supplies shop. We had a look around in the shop and found all these pastel coloured papers, nice and simple folders, index cards and so on, you get the picture. Markus also went crazy over our Dymo400 thermal sticker printer - he had to have one of those, of course. All there was left for us to do was to exaggerate this idea typographically. A machine-readable typeface was the consequence. It all turned out very well …. even down to the business cards and letterheads, it was all ready and set via templates in several programs for Markus to use, print and cut out his own business cards, invites, letterheads, everything. It suits his personality and his business … he was since then head of public relations for the DOCUMENTA, the GERMAN PAVILLION for the art BIENNALE IN VENICE, the Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt, Haus der Kunst in Munich and will be head of public relations in Venice for the BIENNALE 2015 with the curator Okwui Enwezor. Well, we like to believe we had a little bit to do with this. Thank you Markus for being a great friend.

Oh, and his office and little gallery space was home of the whole PERLON Collection with the exhibition VORLAGE / WIEDERVORLAGE NR.11 ‘PERLON - DAS KOMPLETTE BILD’