It’s all glam – if you want to see it that way

Schauspiel Frankfurt

It’s season 2015/2016 at the Schauspiel Frankfurt and what a season this was going to be. It’s going to be glamorous, dramatic (as always anyways), fun, tragic full of humor and tears to fill buckets. Where else do you get all the different stories in one house apart from the theatre itself? We thought of a hotel with all the stories engraved in every corner, every bit of cloth and cutlery. This where everything can happen, and most of it did. Maxime Ballesteros took the whole ensemble of the Schauspiel Frankfurt for a crazy ride to a hotel creating this marvelous and passionate story of guests going wild. It was such a pleasure working with him and the images … well you will see going through the season magazine. Thank you Oliver and Sibylle for letting Maxime and us do what we’re best at. Schauspiel Frankfurt