Judge a magazine by its cover

Texte zur Kunst

When Isabelle Graw, the editor in chief of Texte Zur Kunst, asked us if we’d be interested designing a couple of titles for the magazine, it didn’t take us a split second to force us to a yes. It was a great deal of fun creating those title. But it really became a whole different story, and this made us really proud, when we were visiting a panel discussion with the designer and artist Jerszy Seymour about taste and form. He was flicking trough a couple of slides when our Geschmack Taste cover of Texte Zur Kunst cover was illuminating the space, we almost fell of the chair. Our breathing stopped when he rambled on about it, describing exactly to the word what we were intending with the image and it meant to us. Well, this was proof – reading the texts in Texte Zur Kunst before designing the covers made us understand to create understanding.