Keep clean and shiny

Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden

This whole endeavour started in 2003 with the competition for the redesign of the logo for the Deutsche Hygiene Museum Dresden, and just this. It needed a long overdue overhaul. We won the assignment and found ourselves in the situation to recreate first their stationary, then the website, the science publications, the book on the history of the museum and ended up reworking the graphic appearance of the permanent exhibition literarily sitting next to the curators watching the, regrouping the single elements and creating the final layout on-site. This was necessary since all the texts in the exhibition are screen printed on the carrier material, be it wood, glass or veneer. It took us about 6 weeks at the museum, in the middle of the growing exhibition, to get the job done. Job done. Happy visitors.

The press text on what the Deutsch Hygiene Museum Dresden is about reads


Since reconceptualization in 1991, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum has been understood as a universal museum of man. It is thus neither a science center nor a special museum devoted to a strictly defined topic area. Its interests center on the biological, social, and cultural dimensions of the human being. As a modern museum of science, it especially reflects what the sciences mean for society of the 21st century. Through its exhibitions and events, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum offers an independent public forum for the dialogue between science and society.