Michael Beutler Moby Dick – Moby Beutler Michael Dick –

Hamburger Bahnhof & Staatliche Museen zu Berlin & Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie

Michael Beutler’s exhibition – Moby Dick – at the Hamburger Bahnhof – Berlin keeps changing its appearance since Michael is constantly rebuilding and rearranging his pieces left and right. An absolute must see. We created this campaign, playing with the title and name of the artist as he does with his work in the show. The floor-plan keeps changing – we try to keep up with Michael’s living piece. We’re happy having designed the whole exhibition graphics and invites a.s.o.
Michael Beutler Moby Dick
abbruch city modelle mike
baby leicht locker medium
bauch block mitleid meyer
baum blick toedlich meyer
bayer block leicht medium
blockade bluem city ihrem
coach beliebte dumm lyrik
d-mark ueblich moebel city
damit ueblich block meyer
detail bochum blick meyer
dilemma brecht blicke you
marc hobby luecke mitleid
mayer block beim deutlich