Mr. Newton – We’ll always remember you!

Helmut Newton Foundation & Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

In 2004 the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin opened its doors to the public with two massive shows - ‘Us And Them’ and ‘Sex And Landscapes’. We were in charge to come up with a logo, corporate design and to create the opening campaign for the shows. Since the building is the domicile of the Helmut Newton Foundation and the Museum für Fotografie it appeared to us naturally it would be smart to have some sort of visual connection between the two institutions. The odd mechanical typography, type setting, arrows and how they were composed at the edges of filmstrips gave us a clear idea how to proceed with this assignment. Since Helmut Newton was more on the black and white side of the photography, or at least his most famous pictures are black and white, we distinguished the two concepts by the colourschemes of black and white and colour filmstrips. The Helmut Newton Foundation Corporate design turned for obvious reasons black / white.