On Display

Vitra & Aedes

Designing the book VITRA CAMPUS – ‘Architecture Design Industry’ was already a huge honour for us, since Rolf Fehlbaum himself asked for us to do it, and quite on the upper end of what we could ask for. But to be invited to create the 25th anniversary show for the Vitra Campus at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin by Mateo Kries and Rolf Fehlbaum was quite impossibly topping it.

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Mateo Kries (Director, Vitra Design Museum) left us speechless by saying about us: "There is the eye the graphic artist needs, but also ease, talent for improvisation. In addition, the benefits of a working collective: Double Standards are fast, well organized, have a functioning network. I think Chris' work has a lot to do with pop culture – and he knows how symbols work, knows the effect of typography, and how messages are conveyed. He seems to live in this world, and therefore, every moment working with him was fun. This sounds trite but, in my opinion, it is an important prerequisite for creating good graphics.”