One is not a series

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Let’s say it with the words of Henning Schaper, the Executive Director of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg:

Seven years of cooperation of an art museum with one graphics studio - do I need to say more? Well, perhaps. Creating a visual identity for an art museum is not a job for cowards. Museum people – curators as well as communicators – have their very own ideas about the presentation of their house. They work with artists and their sometimes divergent conceptions, they try to embrace these notions as well as the needs of the visitors. This is the arena where the graphic designer moves, wanting to implement these ideas as well as their own. Chris Rehberger’s concepts for Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg illustrate how this can be achieved: seven years of individually designed catalogs that still have a very unique, shared sound, and a corporate design that is clear and concise, elegant and timeless – in essence, Double Standards!”

And in our own words – we do our very best to keep up with what comes with this statement or Mr. Schaper. Each and every single publication has something special, accordingly to the subject and we write lengthy about it – certainly.

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