The DS making of Lacoste Essential Design



It’s absolutely not difficult comparing values when it comes to Lacoste’s LED and Double Standards. We felt right away there is an unuttered and undiscovered relationship between LED and us just by reading through the LED manifesto for the first time.

Authenticity, essence, simplicity, uniqueness, quality, taste, no compromises, timelessness, essential … are all attributes which describe on the spot DOUBLE STANDARDS’ idea of design. We’re deeply in love with craftsmanship to an extend that we even like to print many of our clients printed matters ourselves. There is a certain unsung poetry in crafting and not only planning the designs. It’s not about the romantic idea of tinkering, it needs to be hot-metal printing which requires quite a bit of knowledge and prestidigitation or even picking up a marking iron to get the job done (or at least to know someone who knows how the job is getting done). This is why we feel so comfortable with the LED approach. Every single object we have created combines different characteristics of the LED manifesto with the Autumn/Winter Collection’s main features, styles and colours. We were ready for a wild ride, and it went better and better and wilder and wilder during the many stages we went through to get it all right. Buckle up …..


This is what Matt Hannigan, Global Trend Manager at Lacoste Chaussures, had to say…

'Working with DOUBLESTANDARDS was an exceptional experience. Chris and his team have a deep found love of quality, craftsmanship and above all, a demand for perfection. When working on any creative project, it really is essential to let the collaborator run free with your inspiration. Whilst sometimes this can be a somewhat uncertain action, DOUBLESTANDARDS undeniable creative ability led us to trust them implicitly. I think the results really do speak for themselves.'


Cinematography by Jonas Lindstroem