Turn into me – or turn away

Nathalie Djurberg & Fondazione Prada

We were introduced to Nathalie Djurberg by our very good friend Giò Marconi, her galerist in Milan, and hit it off right away. We had a blast that night at a small restaurant in Berlin Mitte and were leaving the table just after we finished the last drop of the wine we were enjoying all night long. The waiters locked the door right behind us, happy we’ve left finally. Since then we kept in touch, and when Nathalie told us she’d been approached by Muchia Prada to do a show at her Fondazione, we were the ones chosen to create the catalogue for it. You must know the films Nathalie is producing with play dough to understand why we’re not showing more than the cover. It is certainly not only R rated material. That is why we were hiding the whole image behind a bright and friendly coloured dustcover, leaving a peep hole punched out. If you’re interested in more of her work .... you may find it helpful to look further here.