Why is my raincoat always crying?

Thomas Bayrle

Even though Thomas Bayrle is a very good old friend of ours, we did not see this coming. There was this huge exhibition on his oeuvre in planning and full swing, we received the call from Thomas if we’d like to create the book for this show at the Staedel Museum in Frankfurt. What an honour, we took on this task .... but what a mission this was. When Thomas was then meeting with us to talk about the book he only but a box of ectachromes and slides on the table, told us he’d trust us with this. Having this said, he left. What we were left with was a lot of sweat and insecurity. We came to the point where we thought it be good to involve this so well respected artist in the making of the book. His reply was: I trust you fully. I only need to see it when it’s printed. We’ve never, ever experienced that much trust in our work before and didn’t know whether it was a good or dumb idea to use the pattern he’d designed for see-through raincoats in the 1970ties for the dustcover, if he'd hate us for the choice of combinations of his art next to each other in the book. We were absolutely lost, very considerate ... and yet insecure. And the the day came .... the book was printed and delivered to the opening of the show. We were anxiously awaiting his call. ‘What a beauty you’ve created. I would have never ever made dared to combine this piece with this one …’ and so forth. Thomas Bayrle loved his book. What a relieve. Thomas, Thank you so much… Rock‘n’Roll