Zurück zum Beton

Kunsthalle Duesseldorf

Ulrike Gross was appointed director of the Kunsthalle Duesseldorf when she curated this marvellous exhibition ‘Zurueck Zum Beton’ on Punk and New Wave in Germany between 1977 and 1982. A time when loads of today’s well known artists were involved in bands, ran clubs, opened record shops or made a living from working as graphic designers, a time we were raised remembering the DIY culture and excitement listening to many of the records in the exhibition. We were obviously very into it for theses reasons. Reliving our own childhood on a different level, looking at it from a total different perspective we created the book and all printed matters for the show. It was odd for us at the opening standing in the midst of all this punk memorabilia – it is beyond our imagination how the artists must have felt that evening.